Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reading Logs

Rorey’s Secret by Leisha Kelly
 Part 1:

1.   Reflect. It is really difficult to have a promise to a friend.  Especially when it comes to choices of telling the secret or keeping it because you promised not to tell anyone.  Just like what happened to Sarah Wortham in the story, she was very confused if she’ll tell the secret of her best friend Rorey.  But at the later part of the story, Sarah finally confessed to her mother Julia wortham the truth about the connection of what happen that night, and where the fire starts.  I am really impressed to what she did. Though she promised to Rorey, she still tells it to her mother for Rorey’s sake.
2.    Connect. I felt my connection to Sarah. When I was in grade 5 I was caught between a promise to a friend and a confession. I thought that time that if I will tell her mother the things she’s been doing, it can break my promise to her. But, if not, she will be pushed to do that bad thing. So what I did, I told her mother the bad things she’s been doing. After that my friend changed, at first she hate me because of what I did, but in the later part she realized that I just did the right thing. 
3.   Question.  As I was reading the climax of the story I wonder that if Sarah tell Rorey’s secret to her mother Julia wortham earlier that night, is there will be a fire? Will the house of the Hammonds be saved? And what if Franky never saw Rorey dating Lester Turrey? What will happen?  And what will happen if Rorey listen to Franky to stop dating Lester? And what if Samuel died at the fire? Will Sarah be angry to Rorey?
4.   Predict. I think the Wortham and the Hammond family will live happily together, they will still help each other because they are neighbors. And I think one day Rorey will realize her faults and will accept Sarah again as a best friend. And for Julia and Samuel, they will live a happy life with their children and their neighbor. Last, for Franky, he will be now known to be a good child.

Part 2

10. Describe your favorite part. Make a summary of what will happen next.

    My favorite part in the story is at chapter6. It was Sarah’s part, the truth about the fire was revealed in there. And on that part Samuel was hurt because of the fire. Because of that Sarah hate Rorey, she hates her for being selfish and not doing anything to help stop the fire. And it is all her fault, the fire, and to what happened to Sarah’s father.

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