Sunday, April 1, 2012

reading log last entry

Avatar: the last Air Bender
by : Michael Dimartino

Part 1

Aang was the last air bender left. He possessed the power to control all elements: air, fire, water, earth. He had two friends; one of them was a water bender. They helped each other. They helped other people using what they can do. Everyone can help people. It’s not about what you have, but it is about what you do.  You don’t need any power to help; the most powerful thing is if it is from the heart.

I felt my connection to Zuko. He did everything to win his father’s eye again. I understand what he feels. He just wants his father to be proud of him again.  For me Zuko was not a bad person. For me, he was a child longing for the love and trust of his father. I know he really didn’t want to hurt people, but he has no other choice. That’s why I felt my connection to Zuko.
As I was reading the book, my head was full of question. Why do Aang can be reincarnated? What if Katara and soka didn’t found Aang? What if the fire nation was not bad? What if Aang was not really the air bender? What if Katara fall in love with Aang? What if Zuka also fall in love to Katara? This questions flooded my head after reading the story.
I think the end will be wonderful. The air, fire,water, earth benders will live happily. They will help each other. He and his friends will live together happily. And every nation will prosper and everything was following Aang’s decisions. And Aang will be the one that governs every nation. Because   Aang  was the last airbender.

Part 2

 Describe your favorite part. Make a summary of what will happen next.

My favorite part of the story is when Katara and Soka found Aang. Aang was trapped inside an iceberg. That was the time when Aang and his friends met. Soka told Katara not to touch it because maybe it’s dangerous, but Katara touch it and the iceberg broke. And that’s how Aang was free after a long long year.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

reading log 3rd entry

The Last of the Mohicans
By: James Fenimore Cooper



There are beautiful things happening in our lives. But, we all know that a thing has its end. Just like the leaves on the trees, it withers when it falls. Just like life, has a beginning and an end. As I was reading this story, I came to realize that life has full of adventures. There are good and bad things happening as we live, but at the end we still came back to where we came from, at the end there is death. Just like in the story, Uncas and Chingachgook are the last of the Mohicans. They are the ones left in their tribe.  But though they are the ones left, they still face life’s challenges. At this story there is war between France and England and the Indian’s are the one fighting for them. Hurons, are the bad one’s they are traitors.  Mohicans and Mohawks are the good ones, they help people. Magua is a Huron, while Uncas and Chingachgook are Mohicans. Hawk-eye is a white man, while Alice, Cora and Duncan are English people. This story is all about Hawk-eye and his two Indian friends.


I felt my connection to Cora. She gave herself to Magua just to save the lives of her sister Alice and the others. For me, if I’m going to choose for my own happiness or for the life of my family and friends, I’m going to choose them rather my own, because for me I can’t be happy without them in my side. I will risk my own life for them to live. And that’s why I felt my connection to Cora.


What if Magua fell in love to Alice rather than Cora? Will Duncan be jealous?  What if Hawk-eye didn’t help the two sisters and Duncan? What if he didn’t tell them that Magua is a traitor? What do you think will happen in the story? What if Cora and Uncas didn’t die at the end? Will they became lovers? Will there be an extension for the Mohican tribes? What if Hawk-eye was the traitor?


I think after what happened to Uncas and Cora, Hawk-eye will became a Mohican too. He and Chingachgook will be forever friends and they will live life together even without Uncas. While Alice and Duncan get married and have many children and one of them named Cora. And even though the Mohicans is gone there is still a story that will mark in the lives of their friends.

Part 2


Sunday, January 29, 2012

reading logs 2nd entry(the music box mystery)

The Music Box Mystery
The Bobbsey twins no.9

Part 1
In a young age, it is difficult to stay brave in all situations. Especially when it involves something about solving mystery. Just like the bravery of the Bobbsey twins. In their young age they learn to stay brave and solve mysteries. Just like how they solve the music box mystery and how they bring back things in order.

I feel my connections to Flossie Bobbsey. At her young age
she learns to handle mysteries and uncover them. Her 
bravery is so strong that she wants to solve the mystery
immediately. Her perseverance is so strong despite of her
young age. Just like me, I really want to solve things on my
own. I love to do things with bravery and strong.


As I read the book, there are questions wondered in my
head. Like what if the Bobbsey twins didn’t mind the music 
box and just accept it? What if they didn’t solve the problem?
Will Miss Charlotte Kincaid got her hidden treasure? What if 
the Bobbsey twins and Don smith didn’t get to miss
Charlotte’s place the time Mr. Durkee forced her to sign the 

I think what will happen next is the Bobbsey twins will continue solving mysteries. And their family will live a happy and successful life with their unfolding stories and their unsolved mysteries.

Part 2

January 29, 2012

Mrs.Laura Lee Hope
Author of the Bobbsey Twins
The music box mystery

Mrs. Laura,
I really like your books especially your books about the Bobbsey twins. I like mystery stories very much. Just like The Music Box Mystery, I like it a lot because the characters of the story seemed so nice and the sequence of it was so exciting. Every chapter opens up a new revelation about the mystery.
I hope you can write more mystery books as great as the one mentioned above. Hope I can meet you in person so that I can asked you more about great stories. I’ll continue reading your great books.
Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Yvonne Jane Raloso

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reading Logs

Rorey’s Secret by Leisha Kelly
 Part 1:

1.   Reflect. It is really difficult to have a promise to a friend.  Especially when it comes to choices of telling the secret or keeping it because you promised not to tell anyone.  Just like what happened to Sarah Wortham in the story, she was very confused if she’ll tell the secret of her best friend Rorey.  But at the later part of the story, Sarah finally confessed to her mother Julia wortham the truth about the connection of what happen that night, and where the fire starts.  I am really impressed to what she did. Though she promised to Rorey, she still tells it to her mother for Rorey’s sake.
2.    Connect. I felt my connection to Sarah. When I was in grade 5 I was caught between a promise to a friend and a confession. I thought that time that if I will tell her mother the things she’s been doing, it can break my promise to her. But, if not, she will be pushed to do that bad thing. So what I did, I told her mother the bad things she’s been doing. After that my friend changed, at first she hate me because of what I did, but in the later part she realized that I just did the right thing. 
3.   Question.  As I was reading the climax of the story I wonder that if Sarah tell Rorey’s secret to her mother Julia wortham earlier that night, is there will be a fire? Will the house of the Hammonds be saved? And what if Franky never saw Rorey dating Lester Turrey? What will happen?  And what will happen if Rorey listen to Franky to stop dating Lester? And what if Samuel died at the fire? Will Sarah be angry to Rorey?
4.   Predict. I think the Wortham and the Hammond family will live happily together, they will still help each other because they are neighbors. And I think one day Rorey will realize her faults and will accept Sarah again as a best friend. And for Julia and Samuel, they will live a happy life with their children and their neighbor. Last, for Franky, he will be now known to be a good child.

Part 2

10. Describe your favorite part. Make a summary of what will happen next.

    My favorite part in the story is at chapter6. It was Sarah’s part, the truth about the fire was revealed in there. And on that part Samuel was hurt because of the fire. Because of that Sarah hate Rorey, she hates her for being selfish and not doing anything to help stop the fire. And it is all her fault, the fire, and to what happened to Sarah’s father.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The cover of my favorite book (Rorey's Secret by Leisha Kelly)
a good novel, I love it very much! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

classic stories(assignment)

Yvonne Jane Raloso
AB English 2nd yr.
2:30-4:00 tfr
I.        What does the story say about human nature as portrayed by the following characteristics?

A.)   Abdullah- the Eyes-                    
There’s a saying “it is when I am weak that I am strong”. And that phrase can be matched to Abdullah. Abdullah is an ugly man. But despite of his physical figure, he became strong. Just like anyone, even though we are being discriminated and teased by people, we had the strength to prove that we have what it takes to be respected and became happy.  But still, some of us are not contented. Some of us are being selfish. Just like Abdullah in the story of the Eyes.
B.)     Mathilde-the Necklace-

Mathilde is a woman who is not satisfied of what she has.  Just like everyone, we are not contented of what we have right now. Some of us found happiness in material things. Though we haven’t had enough money, we still find ways just to get what we want. But in the end, we realize that it’s the only thing that pushes our lives to become miserable. Just like what happened to mathilde.
C.)      Monsieur Loisel-the Necklace-

We can do anything for our love ones. Just like Monsieur Loisel, he loves his wife so much that he gave up the money he earned to buy a gun. Just like some men. They will do anything for their women. As long as their girl was happy, they will become happy too. Despite of the fact, that they will sacrifice their own happiness.
D.)   The Princess-The lady or the tiger-

Women nowadays possessed the characteristics of being self-centered and jealous.  Sometimes, they never think of anyone else as long as they are happy. They argue for things that are nonsense. And this story teaches us something about love and jealousy.
E.)    The Alchemist-the Birthmark-

Aylmer showed the nature of man by being perfectionist.  They want to change their selves just to be perfect. Just like Aylmer, he removed the birthmark. But, in behalf of that he killed his wife. We all possessed perfection; it just came out in our own unique way.  But in finding perfection, we never realized that we are already perfect for our own unique way.

F.)    Jerry-Through the tunnel-
Boys nowadays are just like Jerry in the story. They act like as if they know everything to prove that they are matured enough.  Even though it is dangerous, they will do everything just to make it.

G.)   The Physician- God father death-

The physician portrayed the nature of human on being deceitful. People cheat just to gain something for their selves. But the in the end they’ll realize that they hurt themselves at the end.

H.)   The Son-I Hate my mother-

The son in the story portrayed some of the children today. Some children underestimate their mother. Most of them do this for the reasons that their mother is not good looking or something. They never respect their parents because of physical appearances. But then in the end they will realize that their parents made every single way just to give everything for their child to live as happy as they can be.

I.)      The Mother-I hate my mother-

The mother portrayed every mother in the world. She made every single way to give her son a good life. Despite of what her son is doing to her, she still loves him much as if she would give her last breath for her son. And even though her son pushed her away, she still loved him till the last beat her heart can make. Just like any mother, especially my mother.

J.)     Couple-the wooden bowl-

The couple is an example of those children who abandoned their parents after they got a family on their own. They never realize the things their parents go through just to mold them and to make them in what they are now. It is so frustrating to think that some children abandoned their parents anywhere for a reason that they can’t entertain them. The only thing that the old parents need is just the love and care of their own family.

K.)    The child-the wooden bowl-

The child portrayed the true nature of a child. Innocent, the characteristic you can find in a child. But behind that, they have the capacity to reprimand the wrong doings of the elders. Just like the child in the story, he opens the eyes of his parents. He made them realized their wrong doings, in an innocent way.

L.)     John Q-John Q-
John Q portrayed the real feeling of a father in times when their child is in the case between life and death. Just like a real father, he proved to others that a father must be a father; ready to risk their own life just for the safety of their child.

II.      Find a significant object in the story and discuss its symbolism in each story.

A.)   The Eyes-
              The most significant object in the story is the “Eyes”. It symbolizes the word truth. When you have no eyes you can’t see the real beauty or the truth about things. The eyes show you the answer in every question. In the story, Abdullah never let leelah gain her sight for the reason that maybe Leela might saw what his real figure is. And if Leelah will found out, she might leave Abdullah, and that thing made him afraid to give Leelah the right to gain her sight.

B.)    The Necklace-
              The most significant object in the story is the “Necklace”. In the story, for me it represents or symbolizes the “pride”. In the story, mathilde wants to look elegant so she wants to wear a diamond necklace; it means she wants to wear her pleasure.

C.)    The Lady or the Tiger-
              In the story it is the Arena that is the most significant object. It symbolizes justice. It is the one that will judge you if you will be eaten or you’ll marry the lady.

D.)   The Birthmark-
                 The Birthmark is the most significant object in the story.  It symbolizes the imperfections in every person. They say that “nobody’s perfect”. But still man find ways just to be perfect, but behind that they ended up hurting someone or their selves.

E.)    The Tunnel-
                  In this story it is the “tunnel” that is the most significant. It symbolizes the problems you must take to prove that you can do everything you want. Just like jerry, he wants to prove something. So he must face the obstacles in his way and that was the tunnel.

F.)    God father death-
                  The most significant object in this story is the “candle”.  The candle symbolizes life, if the wax will be melted and the candle will be out, your life will end. Your life will depend on the candle.

G.)   I hate my mother-
                   The most significant object in the story is the Letter. It symbolizes the love of the mother to her son.  And it also opens the heart of the son for his mother, but still it’s too late.

H.)   The wooden Bowl-
                           For this story it is the “Wooden Bowl”. It symbolizes the lack of respect of the couple to the father.  They treated the old father as if it was a Dog. But in the end they realized their wrong doings because of their child.

I.)      John Q-
          For this movie, it is the “Heart” that is the most significant object in the story.  It symbolizes the love, sacrifice, and love of a father towards his son.  John Q made every single way he can to give his son a heart donor. He sacrifices his own reputation and name for the sake of his son. But in the end he achieves his goal to give his son a heart donor.

III.    Identify two major conflicts and describe how it occurs in each story

A.)   The eyes
1.       It is when Abdullah was told by the doctor the time when Leelah was pregnant, that Leelah’s eyes can be cured. But because of Abdullah’s fear of the thing that Leelah might leave him once she see his real figure, he never tell Leelah about it.
                                       -Fight between fear and the truth-
2.       It is when Abdullah lied to leelah . Because of the reason that Abdullah never told Leelah about her eyes, Leelah fall down the stairs and that causes her death.