Sunday, January 29, 2012

reading logs 2nd entry(the music box mystery)

The Music Box Mystery
The Bobbsey twins no.9

Part 1
In a young age, it is difficult to stay brave in all situations. Especially when it involves something about solving mystery. Just like the bravery of the Bobbsey twins. In their young age they learn to stay brave and solve mysteries. Just like how they solve the music box mystery and how they bring back things in order.

I feel my connections to Flossie Bobbsey. At her young age
she learns to handle mysteries and uncover them. Her 
bravery is so strong that she wants to solve the mystery
immediately. Her perseverance is so strong despite of her
young age. Just like me, I really want to solve things on my
own. I love to do things with bravery and strong.


As I read the book, there are questions wondered in my
head. Like what if the Bobbsey twins didn’t mind the music 
box and just accept it? What if they didn’t solve the problem?
Will Miss Charlotte Kincaid got her hidden treasure? What if 
the Bobbsey twins and Don smith didn’t get to miss
Charlotte’s place the time Mr. Durkee forced her to sign the 

I think what will happen next is the Bobbsey twins will continue solving mysteries. And their family will live a happy and successful life with their unfolding stories and their unsolved mysteries.

Part 2

January 29, 2012

Mrs.Laura Lee Hope
Author of the Bobbsey Twins
The music box mystery

Mrs. Laura,
I really like your books especially your books about the Bobbsey twins. I like mystery stories very much. Just like The Music Box Mystery, I like it a lot because the characters of the story seemed so nice and the sequence of it was so exciting. Every chapter opens up a new revelation about the mystery.
I hope you can write more mystery books as great as the one mentioned above. Hope I can meet you in person so that I can asked you more about great stories. I’ll continue reading your great books.
Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Yvonne Jane Raloso